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harrington, cbs 5. >>> southern california is also dealing with the king tides. for more on that and when we may see another round of wet weather here, let's kick it over to lawrence. >> we have reached the max of the high tide. down at the embarcadero you can see the water has lapped on the cement there. that's because the tides are very high, some at 7 feet, some places 8 feet. so the king tides living up to their name today. and looks like this will start to recede. the interesting thing, as we get into the afternoon, we are going to see some very, very low tides so it should be a great day to check it out. in the meantime, though in southern california, they had the high tides, as well. in fact, boy, it's flooding in the mission beach area. you can see that there. probably going to stick around for at least one more day but the good news is, is we have a storm on top of us, a real strong storm. this of course would send that tide a lot higher. that doesn't look like that's going to happen, although we have another storm off the coastline likely to bring some rain. it doesn't look like it
. >>> and the incredible meteor showers right now. ,,,,,,,,,, trip home to southern california. her remains arri f0 mexican-american singing star jenni rivera has made her final trip home to southern california. her remains arrived by private plane about 90 minutes ago. rivera and six others died on sunday when their small jet crashed near monterey, mexico. meantime, we've learned that two police officers have been arrested for allegedly looting the crash site. items stolen from the site were allegedly found at the officers' homes. >>> it may be the single most common complaint in the world of television, that commercials are just too darn loud. you know what we're talking about. starting today, you're going to get some relief. >> that's what it's called. the c.a.l.m. act, which limits the volume of tv commercials. it went into effect today. it's the result of a four-year effort by palo alto congresswoman anna eshoo and it requires broadcasters to keep the volume of commercials at the same level of the shows they're interrupting. some commercials may still be too loud, and if they are, you can file a compl
by friday into saturday was pretty active down in southern california. it looks like that will be the pattern. the little lows will dip toward southern california. mostly sunny. a cold morning. breezy out in the valley or some of the higher elevations. upper 40s and low 50s. there will be an increase in high clouds. a little system will drop down tuesday. won't do much. it will keep us on the chilly side. it looks dry wednesday, thursday all the way into friday. maybe this system clipping us. i don't think much in the way of rain. >>> it will be one of the busiest days of the year for many bay area good will stores. doors open at 7:00 for the event at san francisco's mission street location. former mayor willie brown is kicking off the donating ton by giving away 90 items. >>> the rose parade doesn't start for hours but many people are getting ready to claim their spots. pasadena police doesn't allow anyone to start claiming a spot until noon today. they must remain in place until the start of the parade. >>> the national hockey league and nhl players union are back a
happened there. >>> plus the stormy weather means big waves. we'll take you to southern california where surfers are saying the beginners should stay out. >> even here in the bay area we're talking about high wind, high surf and lots of heavy rain. not to mention airport delays still up to two hours in san francisco because of this rain. but hang on. we're just getting started. more rain on the way overnight into tomorrow. we'll break down when the heaviest will hit coming up in just a bit. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a brand new medicare prescription drug plan. it's called the aarp medicarerx saver plus plan from unitedhealthcare. and it's for people who want the lowest part d premium in the united states... only $15 a month. and copays could be as low as a dollar. so call unitedhealthcare now to enroll or learn more. with this plan, you can save 40% or more on your copays by using a preferred network pharmacy, like walgreens. for example, a network copay of $4 becomes a preferred network copay of $1 when you fill your prescription at any of the 8,000 convenient walgreens locatio
been diverted to. >> reporter: normally it could with stopped in southern california, but there is no one on the job to unload the cargo. on a rainy saturday night, cranes and dock workers were in motion at the port of oakland, unloading the latest ship to arrive. in southern california, a storm of a different kind has brought business to a standstill at the port of los angeles and long beach. the two busiest ports in the state. longshoremen walked off the job to support about00 clerical workers who have been on strike since tuesday. >> all of our containers are on the ocean and off of the coast of california and monday we'll find out if they have been diverted. >> others have been diverted. so far nine cargo ships have headed to other ports including oakland. >> there may be a few ships that come through oakland, but those are ones that normally make the call here. >> reporter: longshoremen are downplaying the impact on the port of oakland and say they will stay on-the-job while their counterparts in southern california continue. now they have a tentative agreemen
a reprieve today yesterday's wet weather maker wreaking havoc in southern california. unsettled cold flow coming from alaska, 4:00 tomorrow morning by 7:00 all of us except east bay and south bay valleys are wet end of the commute 9:00 everybody wet with light rain none starting to taper afternoon hours breaks in the cloud cover as we head overnight into saturday morning increase in clouds rain moves in noon saturday and hangs around for the better part of the afternoon into the evening. even though it looks more impressive saturday, rain will be lighter up to a 10th of an inch, 10th to quarter of an inch tomorrow. >>> emergency crews on the san mateo all lanes are open earlier fatal accident cleared. traffic recoverying nicely. a bit of slug taeurbl lights towards the highrise, typical things pick up towards foster city. good news if you commute san mateo bridge earlier accident cleared. san rafael clear no fog past lucas valley road, freitas parkway on to north san pedro road past civic center, golden gate bridge no problems bart having a delay due to unscheduled track repairs at pleasa
-la! >>> the southern california mountains are buried under a fresh coat of snow this morning. and it's still coming down. tire chains were mandatory for drivers heading into mountain passes and resorts. even with the chains, they say the roads will -- were still treacherous. >>> now, for a look at morning road conditions. slick at times from southern california to seattle. rain drenches roads from vegas, to albuquerque. wet highways from texas to kansas. >> if you're flying today, airport delays are possible in l.a., vegas, phoenix and dallas. >>> tragic story, now. a young man trying to take a picture of the chicago skyline plunged 22 feet down a smokestack. he and his girlfriend had climbed to the roof of the historic intercontinental hotel, more than 40 stories up. and when he went up a ladder to the top of that smokestack and lost his footing. >> he spoke to firefighters and talked to his girlfriend on his cell phone. but then, lost consciousness. >> the best way to get him out was go about two floors below. and we had to cut the ductwork for the chimney, which was made out of steel. we eventua
>>> good morning. we have developing news out of southern california. a big earthquake struck in the pacific ocean. we have the latest on possible tsunami warnings. >>> we are live in fremont where employees are set to meet earlier this morning where a fire destroyed their company yesterday. we'll have the latest. >>> they fake and they are here in the bay area. the scam that vallejo police are warning you to look out for. >>> clouds are increasing but what about any rain? would we get any out of this? and also as we head into the weekend. time now for the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, december 14th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather, traffic. steve you have pam wearing a sweater. >> it was cold yesterday. >> all day i was cold. >> it's cloudy out there right now. we had clear skies for awhile. a lot of that cold air is trapped. a little system coming down the coast. could be a little mixed presip. highs today very cool. mainly low 50s. here is sal. >>> good morning. right now traffic on in
into southern california where in san diego they do have a fire weather watch. so sunshine here today and tomorrow it's going to be pretty nice. but by wednesday we see the cloud cover and rain along the sonoma county coast. not a lot of rain. it's a cold system. but mild temperatures today and the next couple days out ahead of it. 63 sacramento, 74 calm springs. low 60s for richmond and san francisco. everyone else mid-60s from livermore and san jose. watsonville, no day there for the tree lighting at 5:00. it will be in the 60s this afternoon and the menorah lighting at union square will be cool, but no weather problems. scattered showers on wednesday. i don't think we will see heavy rain out of the system. then by next weekend it still could be a little unsettled. >> but this is a forecast the retailers will certainly like. >> oh, yes. >> thank you, lisa. coming up at 7:00 is good morning america. dan harris is joining us live now from new york to tell us what is coming up on your show. good morning. >> hey, carolyn, good morning to you. good morning to lisa and good morning to eve
there is a chance of a thunderstorm and some rain in parts of southern california. >> there, not here? >> yeah, there. good clarification. but you should be okay for the parade. here's a live look outside for the embarcadero. the ferry building and bay bridge. i'll have all the details of your new year's eve forecast coming up. >> also ahead, the resurgent warriors tie a franchise record with a big win over the boston celtics. rick kwan has all the hi >> lots of people are on holiday and they want to know what's going on new year's eve >> no rainfall but you want to bundle up because it will be cool with clear conditions the next few days. we will start off with a beautiful live shot, looking down toward san francisco and the bay and parts of the east bay. there are some high clouds passing through, but no rainfall. we will show you live doppler 7hd, how quiet it is right now, as it does a sweep around the bay area. so just some cloud cover, but nothing falling in terms of precipitation. it does mean cool numbers, though, in santa rosa and fairfield. 34 degrees. look out for some patchy fog as
but it's heading toward southern california. we'll get spill over some of the higher clouds. pattern is changing. it really is. i think we're going kind of quiet here. first couple weeks in january looks that way to me. things could change. it does not look very rainy at all for us. mostly sunny today to partly cloudy. upper 40s to low, low 50s. unless you are closer to around the bay than that will be about it. if you are heading out tonight it will be cold. bundle up it will be dry. maybe right along the coast. i think cold is the main word here. looks kind of a quiet pattern. there will be a little low dropping down on tuesday. looks dry wednesday, thursday, friday. maybe clouds rolling in by the weekend. >>> it is 5:19. european markets are trading in a narrow range as investors worry about the u.s. meeting its midnight budget deadline. in asia markets ended the year in losses. australian, new zealand and south korea were all down nearly a half a percent. and taking a look at where the markets will started. it was a down day on friday. big drop for the dow. futures are upright no
. >>> four people were found shot to death outside of a oklahoma in southern california. the bodice of two men and women were found early sunday morning. the victims were face down along an outer walkway outside what appeared to be an unlicensed boarding house. no arrests have been made. >>> a member of the coast guard is dead and another member hurt after their small boat was rammed off the southern california coast. they were in a small boat and investigating reports of smuggling off the channel islands. their boat was rammed by a smugglers boat that was running without lights. terrell horn and another person were thrown into the water by the impact. horn suffered traumatic injury and died. his crew mate were treated for minor injuries. >>> this weekend storm brought major problems to the south bay. a man, woman, and child were stuck in their car after milpitas became flooded. many people living in milpitas have started to stock up on sandbags to prepare for the next storm. >> we were getting a lot of rain. it was quite hard overnight. >> you know how storms are they are very unpredictab
a home within 60 days. . >> a husband and wife from southern california pleaded not guilty to charges they killed a retired schoolteacher in her home. they are accused of stabbing the 55 year old to death in her home in october. . the couple is set to return to court march 1st. >> authorities have identified the body of a man found in an alameda grocery store parking lot. his body was found yesterday afternoon in a car. now alameda investigators are trying to figure out how he died. >> san mateo officials say think have located a 76 year old woman with alzheimer who wondered away from her assisted living home around 1:00 this afternoon. they say she was found safe and in good condition. >> the manager of a mill valley nursing home accused of stealing more than $40 thousand from an elderly woman is out on bail tonight. she was arrested o on charges including identity theft and financial elder abuse. investigators say the victim was a resident. the she is set to be arraigned on christmas eve. >> a superior court judge sentenced a former elementary schoolteacher to one year in jail
together. he's paying for rehab and bringing their son to southern california regularly to visit nadia it's a much different story for steve chic chick. there's a warrant for his arrest after he missed court appearance. police say he tried to steal a sweatshirt from macy while high on meth in august. i texted him before the hearing today asking if he would attend. he answered not feeling like going to jail and they would take me if i showed. i can't get past this connection her and i had was so strong. last night i slept on the streets again. i lost everything because of her and the life she forced me into. i tried to call him several take place see if he's okay but got his voice mail. these are streams of his tech on our welcome back site. nadia is still facing truck and child endangerment charges in southern california but her lawyer says the case may dropped if she does well if rehab. for the i team, abc 7 news. >>> well of l we honor the resip yaept of 2012 profile of excellence awards tonight. 24 years property file of excellent series celebrated the bay area diversity. e
feet. flooding crossed part of the pch in sunset beach in southern california. >> and king tide has come and gone, more rain is on the way. sandhya patel is here with a look at what is in store. >> yes. we'll have rain for weekend. we have some very light rain around the region. i am going to show you where it's raining now. we take you first to fremont area, black hall road, some very light rain. we head down towards milpitas area, allen roth, -- rock. moderate rain showing up z i'm getting confirmation from the rain on people on twitter. one said had a rainy drive home. and great advice. of course, our own radar will be watching another system due Ñ i'll let you know which one of the two days will be the drier for plan autos thank you. >> still to come here tonight a harsh sentence for a rapist terrorizing in the mission district. authorities say chances are slim to none he gets out on parole. >> students write let dwrorz santa not for when they want, instead, these to help make wishes come true for sick children. th >>> a former worker will spend his life without -- behind bars.
at a few more new laws at 6:00. >> police in southern california are looking for the person who stabbed a teenage boy and girl in a mall, leaving them with life-threatening injuries. happened in the galleria in re don dough beach. the boy gave a description of the attacker before he passed out. both victims are in critical can. >> the faa is investigating the cause of a small plane crash in san diego county that killed three members of an arizona family. the home-built plane went down in a nature preserve near santaee. the crash victims have been identified only as a 65-year-old man, his 53-year-old wife, and they're 19-year-old daughter. >>> coming up, highlights of the niners and raiders. >>> the amazing video that shows a russian plane crashing into a highway. >> and leigh glaser will you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don'
is a water manager in southern california, where part of l.a.'s water supply, is already 90% full. >> we've got water lapping over the road right now. in a bad year, what do you see? >> you just see barren dirt. dry dirt, when the water level goes down. >> reporter: the difference between wet and dry years can be dramatic, and until recently, long-range forecasts suggested the storms would miss california again this winter. >> frankly, we did not see this coming. the predictions initially were for dryer-than-normal conditions. the exact opposite has happened so far. >> reporter: with weather being temperamental, california needs to collect all the water it can. >> the more you can keep the reservoirs up, the better off you are. >> reporter: californians are taking advantage in every pay possible. >>> no rain in the bay area today. but guess what? elizabeth does have some in her forecast. >> i've been keeping an umbrella permanently in my purse. snow up in the sierra. but now, our hi-def doppler, taking break. so here's a live look. over the bay, you can see the bay bridge. the big store
, southern california mid 60s for you. >>> 5:25. sue is off, so you got us. >>> we are doing the best we can. mass transit times, no delays across the board for all of the trains that running, bart, caltrain and muni. ace is closed today. if you rely on that you want to make other arrangements. >> or stay home. a look outside now, i-80 in berkeley. traffic there light and moving along. no problems on 80 if you plan to do christmas shopping this morning, you see there, this time on a normal morning this would be packed, but it is not. good going now if you want to leave home. >>> it is christmas eve which means santa claus is preparing to deliver presents to the good boys and girls. here he is in finland this morning loading up his sleigh with toys. it looks like santa and rudolph, ready to go santa's workshop in a secret location, spends the year getting ready to deliver presents overnight on christmas eve, including answering letters from children and listening to their requests itch >> the other reindeer gets a off? -- >>> queen elizabeth paying tribute to athletes in her christmas broadca
? >> i met him at an event i did when i was working in southern california and one thing led to another. i moved back to new york. i am from new york and started working at "forbes" of the pr department. >> elizabeth ames, or practical experience, how do that that? >> i've learned a lot since "forbes." when i sat "forbes" islandwide about markets. again, i began as a journalist and worked at "businessweek" many years ago as a journalist. but when i started to work as an entrepreneur, i learned about the fact that you really need to have economic freedom to create jobs. something i learned personally. if you're obviously just getting a paycheck, you really don't understand how government can affect that firsthand. that was one of the things that led me to think this is a useful idea for a book. >> overall, philosophically, how do you see the role of government, the role of congress, the role of the president in the economy? >> basically this book raises and answers the question. we need government to create a stable environment for businesses to function and create jobs. when government
did not come to court this morning. she remains in a southern california rehab center now 107 days sober. nadia texted the i team last month. i am looking forward to this road on recovery and a new way of life. >> her counselors have hope for her to come out of this process and move on with her life. so from all indications, things are going well. >> reporter: her attorney asked the judge to delay hearing her request for a restraining order against former boyfriend steve until she gets out of rehab in february. the scandal blew up ten months ago after a violent confrontation between the two at this newark motel. it left her with scrapes and deep bruises. but authorities declined to press charges. after she publicly discussed their meth use. she resigned from the board of supervisors and entered rehab. today the judge suggested dropping the issue of a restraining order for now and rescheduling if necessary when nadia returns to the bay area. >> so the court would take the matter off the calendar and if we want to do reissue, we'll do that. okay. good enough. >> what do you think the
this morning, two big quakes rattled the southern california coast overnight. both struck at 2:36 this morning. they were seconds apart. 6 pontd 4 and 6.1 but they have downgraded them to 6.3 and 4.7. they were centered at least 88 miles southwest of catalina island. there is was no tsunami warning issued and people were shaken out of bed but so far no reports of damage or injury. >> students returning to two cupertino schools after a bomb scare skair will notice extra security. terry? >> additional sheriff's deputies will be here at montevista as well as lincoln elementary. two schools shut down all day yesterday as a result of a bomb scare that came from four and a half miles away all the way over in san jose. take a look at the graffiti. this is from linbrook high school. it talked about a bomb and specific teacher at montevista. that threat led sheriff's deputies to shut down montevista and lincoln elementary. there was room by room search and they all turned up nothing, just a hoax but no one was laughing. >> when they go over the edge, columbine -- we've had several, it's not a prank. th
carolina or texas or southern california, and they'll see people in uniform it was true from a growing up in buffalo new york and i got my rtc scholarship in 1995 so that was a very different culture and time. it's not that long ago but 9/11 really did change so many things and i thought i wanted to be an astronaut. i thought i was going to do all these other things but i went to school between the invasions of afghanistan and iraq and i knew exact to what i was signing up for and i wanted to do it anyway. that would make me the same as young men between the age of 16 and 30, for the last 5 million years. the consequences just are not there. there is this part of the brain that has the self-preservation instinct and i was born without it. maybe all the other guys i worked with were sane and that you try to keep yourself safe. you don't want to get shot and you're not looking to get killed. it's just you are willing to put yourself there for reasons that aren't necessarily clear until you are there. so the questions you asked about somebody else decides if you live or die, those are good q
sacramento. this system again losing a lot of its punch and head down toward southern california. another system doing that. if you notice they have been doing that lately. i think the pattern is changing. we're going into a quieter pattern here. first couple weeks in january. mostly sunny. partly cloudy. upper 40s low, low 50s. and then quiet not very warm but it looks quiet. there is no rain in the extended outlook. clouds come back by the weekend. >>it's 6:19. the ball and confetti have been tested for tonight's big new years eve celebration. robert is live in time square where hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pack the streets. are things getting ready for the big night tonight? >> reporter: they are. good morning, to you. and good morning, everyone. i guarantee you it are be warmer in san francisco than it will be here in new york tonight. last year it was about 46 degrees when the ball dropped. it will be nowhere near that this year. it will be 35 or so at midnight. the windchill will like in the upper 20s. lit be really cold here. you guys mentioned the fact there was
states. those of you who live in southern california are used to a phenomenon called the santa ana winds. when you take into account dry conditions, we're in the part of the year when those winds start to change directions, we do have the opportunity for significant fire events throughout the california area. so, with that, what i'd like to do is kind of focus our discussion on 3 major areas.. command and control, relationships and resources. with that, let me start off with the first question, we got a lot of discussion yesterday about command and control. i just wanted to give an opportunity for our panelists to talk about when a fire occurs within california and what is the system that you respond on in california and who is in charge of that fire and what happens when those fires grow into multiple fires as we've seen in 2003 and 2007 and how do you manage multiple fires and get the resources to the right place and organize that not only at the fire but the operations centers that support that? so if i could look down my panelists and maybe, ray, if you want to take a shot at that
be dry for sunday. area of low pressure, taking the showers with it heading down to southern california. forecast model, 9:00, stale possibility of some showers, even the pink, that is snow in the higher elevations. there is a chance of it above 3,000 feet. so far check out mount hamilton and no measurable precipitation. sunny conditions, partly cloudy skies and no rain expected or showers even in the afternoon hours with the latest run of the forecast model. there is still high surf advisory in effect until 10:00 tonight. temperatures on the cool side, 50s in san rafael. 51 in san jose. more low 50s around monterey bay with 50 in gilroy. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, showers are pretty much over with and then we'll see partly cloudy conditions, cool day and frosty start tomorrow. it's great through 2013. >> bundle up and leave the umbrella at home. >> for a few days in sports, warriors welcome the boston celtics. they beat the 76ers winning their 20th game for the first time in 22 years. >> sixers at oracle, golden state were holding their opponents down. curry and barne
>>> we have developing news out of southern california. a strong earthquake strikes in the pacific ocean. we'll have the latest on any possible tsunami warnings. >>> we are live in fremont where firefighters are still on the scene of yesterday's factory fire. we'll tell you how cnh employees will be taken care of even though their workplace is destroyed. >>> there is more fallout from the threat to shut down two schools. the saturdayed precautions to keep students and teachers safe. >>> well, a little system coming down. not going to do much in the way of rain. but the temperatures will stay very cool. we'll have those for you coming up. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, december 14th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. is it cold enough to wake you up when you step outside? >> not as cold as yesterday. we had clear skies. that kind of hit you a little harder but it's still cold out there. definitely that cold air is trapped. this system is falling apart. it's weakening rapidly. it's going to be chilly today. upper
rain. >> just hours ago a strong quake struck off the coast of southern california. why there was confusion behind the initial reports. >> we are live in vallejo where police are warning shoppers about a potential scam. we will tell you how they were able to make i-pads look like the real thing. that when the news starts right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> it's friday, december 14th. a strong quake hit off the coast of southern california overnight. the 6.3 quake happened around 2:30 this morning. it was southwest of avalon california. two quakes with in seconds of each other were first reported but the usgs says now there was just one main quake. there was a 4.7 after shock and that hit 15 minutes after the 6.3 quake. no tsunami warning was issued. >>> the massive fire at a fremont machine shop remains a concern this morning for several hours yesterday thick black smoke came from the factory near interstate 680. we are at the plant where firefighter
of shaking going on in southern california. the cbs 5 seismograph recorded the quake that hit off the coast baja, california at 2:36 this morning. the usgs has revised magnitude to 6.3. no word of damage and there was no tsunami warning but a lot of folks in southern california woke up and said, what's going on? >> 6:02. bundle up because it's freezing in some parts of the bay area. >> i have a question >> what is colder right now, outside or the cbs 5 studios? >> let's ask lawrence. it feels like in here -- >> it's freezing in here. >> i am perfectly warm today. i think it's just working with you guys. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> yeah. >> that's cold. >> that's real mean. >> sorry about that. hey, folks, looks like we have some cold temperatures showing up outside. frost advisories in the east bay but now the storm clouds starting to roll in and that's starting to warm up the temperatures a little bit. seeing some of those showers most of it off the coastline but now you can see some rainfall making its way into parts of the north bay along the 101. watch out for that. you have may just brief
. berkeley police said it never considered buying or using a drone. >>> strong winds in southern california blamed for leaving parts of disneyland in the dark. video shows parts of the park without power last night blamed on a transformer explosion. some attractions had to shutdown. you can still see some lights. winds reached up to 50 miles per hour in some parts of southern california last night. the holiday see is one of the busiest times of the year for disneyland. disney is the parent company of abc7. >>> from southern california this morning, orange county is now officially recognizing harvey milk day. the "los angeles times" reports officials decided yesterday to recognize the late san francisco supervisor after initially refusing. california as a state has marked harvey milk day since 2009. >>> traffic and weather together, next. take you outside now for a live look at the golden gate bridge no moisture on the bridge deck that is good because temperatures would create the possibility of black ice, we don't want that. mike will have the full forecast. sue is following traffic. >>> "t
on a week lon strike at two southern california ports. 800 members at the port of los angeles and long beach have been working without a contract for two years. the clerks don't handle cargo but dock workers are refusing to cross picket lines forcing a shutdown of those terminals. the strike is costing the u.s. up to $1 billion a day and it could delay shipments of holiday gift merchandise. >>> president obama will host a group of governors today to talk about the upcoming "fiscal cliff." this is after they rejected a count proposal from congressional republicans. that plan promises to trim $2.2 trillion over 10 years and includes $900 billion in entitlement cuts, two-thirds of that from healthcare. it also offers $800 billion in new tax revenues but only if the money comes from tax reform and not from raising rates on the wealthy. and that's where the stalemate is stuck. >>> rates have to rise and republicans need to acknowledge that. that's the only way to get from here to there. >> the white house says the plans fails the balance test. tax hikes and spending cuts will automatically kick i
the autopsy in hopes of getting new tips in this unsolved murder. >>> some southern california homeowners banded together to get a decomposing 40,000-pound whale off the malibu beach:the whale has been rotting on beach since monday in paradise cove, home to millionaire and movieie stars. today the homeowners' association hired a tugboat to tug the 40-foot whale 20 miles from jail. >>> president obama due on election results to say americans support his approach to prevent falling off the fiscal cliff. >> they agreed with the balanced approach that asked something from everyone, but a little more from those who can afford it the most of the it's only way to put our economy on a sustainable panel without asking even more from the middle-class. >> florida senator marco rubio responded with a call for limited government, reform in the tax code and the goal of creating new taxpayers, not new taxes. >>> president obama has outlined what corporations can do to help the nation celebrate his inaugural in january. while taxes pay for the swearingin, festivities are privately funded new hampshire
danger in southern california around san diego while we will enjoy more sunshine today as the highs continue to build and we get the north winds. as we fast forward into the we hours of wednesday morning, there's a storm system coming in from the north and this is going to spread cooler air, not a whole lot of moisture associated with it, and temperatures will drop significantly. so back to today with the warmer weather. 60s and 70s common around the bay. in fact even in fresno where usually it's pretty darn cool this time of year, low 60s. plenty of fog to start out. low #* 70s for los angeles. take a look at these numbers. five or seven degrees above average. 63 downtown today, one of the cooler locations. otherwise we are talking mid-60s in oakland, san jose 65, 64 livermore and 65 in santa rosa. down by the monterey bay there is plenty of cloud cover right now but by the afternoon talking warmup with 66 in salinas and 64 gilroy. tomorrow to start the work week, very little change. here comes the cool down with more clouds and perhaps more rain by the overnight hours and more sca
patients in southern california died from drug over doses or related charges while their doctors were being vocked for ore precyberring. they are asking the legislate to report catholic county coroners to report those deaths. >>> the sonomaiot transportation authority says it only has $10 million in federal funds to spend and that $38 million in requests from various cities and counties have come. a decision on this request is expected tomorrow. >>> people using the pathway around lake elizabeth in freedom may run into problems because the warm springs experience. pedestrians will be able to access the pathway further south on stevenson boulevard and also at the pas eo parkway. >>> also it was a mild day around the bay area, but there are changes coming. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is next with a look at your forecast. well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a ste
4 48. northern california mountains dealing with snow. big sur rain 54 degrees down in southern california. mild for december. 62 los angeles. partly cloudy skies 50 degrees in las vegas. and as we look at our temperatures you are not going to get warm tomorrow. it's chilly. upper from is to the low 50's in most areas. light rain here in the bay are area. snow possible in lake county and the hills. accu-weather 7 day forecast chance of showers mainly norton sunday and very light. so your weekend is not a complete wash-out and we have more rain at least a few chances next weekend. >> okay. >> thanks very much. >> all right. sports director larry is here. warriors on a roll. would they continue tonight. >> yes. in game 6 of what had been a perfect road trip in orlando to face the last team [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that'
towards southern california this afternoon, showers from eureka over the ocean today, 39 in tahoe the rest of us in the 50s, so cal mid to upper 60s. >>> no fog at golden gate bridge no delays, southbound 101 from the waldo grade into san francisco opened up to four lanes things are moving nicely. san mateo bridge tail lights starting to bunch up a about it, brakes on the flat section things pick up foster city westbound macarthur maze east, south and 80 west headed into the macarthur maze all flowing nicely no delays at the bay bridge. >>> queen elizabeth is making history today. this morning she became the first monarch in more than 100 years to sit in on a cabinet meeting this is new video of the prime minister cameron greeting her at the door. queen victoria was the last monarch to attend such a session. government officials say elizabeth paid a visit as observer only, not as a contributor in honor of her 60 years on the throne. >>> gun debate rains on in the wake of the sandy hook school shooting. what state lawmakers have in the works. >>> bug bomb gone wrong. the big mistake a bay a
in southern california snowing no chain requirements, chp is escorting traffic. if you are traveling towards the southern part of the state delays over the grapevine. no delays at bay bridge toll, no metering lights holiday light. san mateo bridge brake lights westbound towards the highrise things pick up, not bad ride, 14 minutes from hayward towards foster city. roadwork until 8:00 this morning, eastbound direction of the carquinez bridge three left lanes blocked. checking in with mass transit everybody is off to a great pf1crrñ 5:20.r schedule. if you received a new tablet commuter or smartphone as a gift this season you can be connected with abc7 news through our app. download our hit alarm clock app for your iphone, android or tablet and kindle fire and our abc7 news app is available for all of those devices as well as ipad. download our apps for free from apple's app store, google play and amazon's app store. >> the pro bowl picks are out with 49ers equaling a franchise record we'll tell you who was picked and why raiders' fans may not be happy. >>> bowl season begins for bay area sch
to southern california. it could be a tough drive through the grapevine if you are heading to southern california. lookout for that today. but the forecast model, even by 7:00, just shows some cloud cover. nothing in the north bay. possibly a stray shower through the santa cruz mountains and then through the morning hours just some light returns. again, mainly along the coast, the peninsula and santa cruz. lunchtime all of us dry. clear skies. stray shower here and there. but by 5:00 it's all gone and less cloud cover, as well. there is still a high surf advisory in effect until 10:00 tonight. northwest swells up to 14 feet. strong rip currents, large breaking waves and current wave heights right now 10 feet in san francisco, 13 feet in bodega bay. temperatures slightly below normal. it's on the cool side even though we will see sunnier conditions this afternoon. 52 in vallejo. 51 fremont and in san jose. you will find low 50s through parts of the monterey bay with 53 in santa cruz and 50 in gilroy. so we did get up to half an in inch the santa cruz mountains and about a quarter inch i
. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, southern california: a womad a girl died after a car plowed into a bus benchn riverside. thi >>> developing introduce out of southern california. a woman and a girl died after a car plowed into a bus bench in riverside. this afternoon's crash also injured two others. it's unclear what caused the car to mount the sidewalk. >>> highway 1 near big sur is back open tonight. caltrans closed that road sunday after a rockslide. this week an emergency contractor cleared it and fixed the road and stabilized the hillside. the highway reopened to two-way traffic about an hour ago. >>> you don't have to pay to ride on muni tonight. the transit agency is offering free rides to celebrate its 100th birthday. buses, the underground, cable cars are all free. you can still hop on no charge until 5:00 tomorrow morning. >>> big fans. '60s. '70s and '80s the dmv has something new for you. cbs 5 reporter don ford says they are offering new license plates that are actually old. >> reporter: california is clearly the car capital of the country and if you crave the classics, the dmv has a deal for you. starting thi
that we do not always have all of the answers. a couple of guys in southern california had an idea for a different form of non invasive cancer treatment. proton therapy. that program is fabulous for non invasive treatment of prostate, breast, and small tumors in the brain. it never would have had a chance, if we left it to nih, because they thought it wasn't practicable. today, it is saving literally thousands and thousands of lives. it is a testament to collaboration between non- partisan support for basic and applied research in the scientific fields, in this case, the medical application of the proton is phenomenal. >> you mentioned tip o'neill and newt gingrich, two former speakers. among the speakers with whom you have worked, collaborative late in your committee assignments, who has been the best? who was the most effective? what has made them such? speakers of the house you served under. >> i did not arrive at a time that allowed me to work closely with tip o'neill, but i admired the way he reached out to president reagan and the way they shared with one another their ideals
services. >>> president obama is closely monitoring a week-long strike at two southern california ports. 800 members of the clerical union who work at the ports of los angeles and long beach had been working without a contract for more than two years. the clerks don't handle cargo but dock workers are refusing to cross picket lines forcing a shutdown of most terminals. experts estimate the strike is costing the u.s. up to $1 billion a day. and it could delay shipments of holiday gift merchandise. >>> there's a tentative contract agreement between port of oakland and union workers. two weeks ago, more than 500 members of seiu local 1021 went on strike. they had been at the bargaining table for 16 months. details of the agreement will be released when the contract is voted on tomorrow. >>> president obama will host a group of governors today to talk about the "fiscal cliff" after he rejected a counterproposal from congressional republicans. that plan promised to trim $2.2 trillion over the next 10 years and cuts from entitlements and billions in new tax revenues only from tax reform. and
. >>> you are looking at video of a vigil held in southern california last night. the small plane carrying him was missing early sunday after taking off following rivera's concert. the small wreckage has been found and the 43-year-old was born and raised in long beach. >>> a member of navy seal team 6 was killed after freeing an american doctor. he works out of colorado called morning star development. he was killed with two afghan morning star members. the seal team was sent in to rescue him after it showed he was in danger. >>> josh brent was released from jail on $500,000 bond and he said quote, he is just trying to deal with the death of jerry brown, his very best friend. he was driving when the car flipped over, he was on the cowboys practice squad and had been living with brent. >>> he wants to return to the u.s., an announcement he made during a news conference. >> i will be happy to go to america, america is my home where i was raised. and that's exactly what i want. >> john mcafee is now in a guatemala detention center. he was not involved he said in the shooting death. >>> in par
was carrying popular americans mexican singer jenny rivera. a vigil was held in southern california last night and the singer was at the peak of her fame. she was also a reality television star an advocate for domestic violence victims. she leaves behind five children and two grandchildren. >>> a nevada woman who survived said she asked her boy february not to -- boyfriend not to venture out for help after they became stuck. she said they should stay with the vehicle and ride out the storm together n an interview she said she knew she would never see him again and she was rescued six days after she and clifton became stranded in the remote valley. clifton's body was recovered the same day. >>> they are cracking down on repeat drunk drivers and we will be whapping for several despite having a suspended license. they often do not have insurance and they are likely to leave the scene of an accident. they risk being arrested and having their car impounded. >>> federal safety officials say although the number of traffic fatalities are at the lowest level since 1949 two other categories are up. bicy
off the california coast near the mexican border was a 6.3. rattling parts of southern california. it happened around 2:30 a.m.. the earthquake was reported shortly after 230 this morning about 88 mi. off the coast of avvalon . >> another earthquake off the coast san diego was reported shortly after this one a 4.7. as of right now there no tsunami warnings in effect. >> to strong earthquake off the coast of to watch the tide was the highest tide of the year the king tide of flooding and traffic headaches and the bay area in mill valley. the northbound 101 and highway one ramp was closed because the water was too high. >> even so, some drivers went through it. the popular bike that was also under water, forcing some cyclist to turnaround. >> water even got into some businesses. >> the park and ride lot look like a lake. warning signs went up telling people which parking spots to avoid. people we talk to the were impressed by the tide. >> never experienced this before. >> the king tide happen every year there are caused by the alignment of the sun and moon. which causes a strong gra
with developing news from a shaky southern california. >>> a magnitude 6.4 earthquake rattling the region about 2:36 this morning. epicenter was off the coast near the united states mexican border. thousands of people felt it but there has been no major damage reported. and no tsunami warnings. >>> this morning, it's still too dangerous to go looking for the cause of a major east bay fire. one of our viewers took pictures as the fire was just starting at a fremont business yesterday afternoon. they show flames shooting through the roof and a towering column of black smoke. the fire destroyed c & h enterprises on boggs terrace in fremont and some of the neighbors were told to stay indoors. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is at the machine shop that burned in fremont with the very latest. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. the smoke has cleared here but the investigation has yet to begin as you mentioned. investigators are expected to be here this morning. once they make sure that the building has been shored up, significant damage to the building that you can see here behind me. in fact, p
with hisco actor and spend much of his life on television. his family said he died peacefully at his southern california home. the cause of his death is not known. >>> the 89-year-old died of natural causes at his home in new york city. the two time oscar nominee is known for his role as the best little whore house in texas. he also did a role with paul newman. >>> he made his annual christmas day address. [inaudible] >> the 80-year-old delivered the message and called for world peace and called to the end of violence and asked people to make room for god in their fast paced lives. >>> this is a town where they believe jesus was born. estimated 7 5,000 people visited bethlehem which was actually a drop from last year visited the area. >>> the president spent christmas eve out on the links. he played golf after working out in a gym. the president greeted well wishers before starting his game. he may fly back in order to avoid the so called fiscal cliff. >>> pam is on fire right now. we have a lot of traffic to talk about, there is an accident in the south bay. >>> that's right, we have not a l
mode. i don't often work with chief chaney in southern california, about a month ago we had 9 aircraft at our peak working fires throughout northern california if that answers your question. >> any other responses? >> i wanted to touch -- can you hear me now? i wanted to touch on that last topic as far as the command control because what we have here in the marine corps is similar to the navy. we have the installation, the regional installation command and also partners with the operational foresite. we allow the operational foresight, we maintain those but then we coordinate, cooperate, with the operational foresight once the call comes in for support. so we're able to do that obviously through memorandum of understandings and we have agreements and our wing operating orders allow for the fact the operational control, at least under operational response, maintains with the operators. the third aircraft wing maintains operational control but we send our operatives out to be controlled by the civic sight. we're comfortable with that and that's matured a lot in the last couple years
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